Natalie Wagner


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Photographer: Alexander Müller

Natalie Wagner (1979) is internationally active as a choreographer and has created numerous contemporary short and full-length productions. Her last solo "I WISH" celebrated its premiere at the Solo Contemporary Dance Festival in Ankara in 2018 and then had its German premiere in 2019 in Hellerau-European Centre of the Arts. At the same time she developed the male trio "Diapason" as part of her master studies at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden, which was premiered in Switzerland on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the BAUHAUS and then went on tour to Berlin and the International 28th Dance Week in Dresden, choreographing "The Merry Widow" for the Stadttheater Biel/Solothurn, "The Last Five Years" for the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Theater and "Chicago" and "Flash Dance" for Le Théâtre Kriens. Her contemporary, experimental and site-specific interests did not exclude her connection to commercial projects. Through her long-standing collaboration with the agency Dancing Bear Productions in Cologne, she choreographed events for Porsche, Hugo Boss and Thyssen Krupp, among others.

She received her training at the Swiss Vocational Ballet School, Zurich University of the Arts, as well as further training in the USA, Paris and Israel. In 2015 she won a 6-month sabbaticle for the artist in residendy at ODC studio in San Francisco, sponsored by the City of Zurich, Department of Culture. Engagements and collaborations with and for choreographers/companies such as Zaccho Dance-Theater (USA), Adi Salant (Israel), Lior Lev (DE/Israel), Noa Zuk (Israel), Katja Grässli (NL/CH), Charlotta Övferholm (SE) and Jérôme Bel (FR). She was permanently engaged at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater in Görlitz, as well as at the Stadttheater Giessen, Stadttheater Biel/Solothurn and as a guest at the Zurich Opera House (Kinsun Chan and Phillip Egli).

Natalie Wagner’s choreographies are characterized by aesthetics, technical virtuosity, and a captivating emotional directness. Natalie’s choreographies reflect creativity in dealing with a wide range of styles and an understanding of dramaturgy as well as humor and sensitivity. In short: this woman masters her craft.
It was a great pleasure for me to work as a director with Natalie Wagner on the German premiere of the musical Flashdance.
— Director, Isabelle Flachsmann

Natalie Wagner is a very imaginative and humorous choreographer and works in different dance styles. She has a pronounced musicality, good organizational and social skills and is very flexible, yet determined in the implementation of her ideas. During our collaboration on the musical “Chicago”, her choreography, as well as her contact with the dancers and singers, was enthusiastically received from the beginning, which was later confirmed by the audience and critics. Natalie is an unpretentious and honest artist who still has a lot to tell us.
— Director, Marina Macura

(*such as «Diapason» (2019), «I WISH» (2018), «Genesis - Human Nature» (2016), «Nachbar’s Garten» (2015), «Es isch, wie’s isch» (2014), «Dark Passanger» (2013), «Comme un Cocon» (2010), «Diarios» (2008), «da_gegen_über» (2007) und «Ausbruch» (2006).)


Teaching references:

(Master in Dance Pedagogy, Zurich University of the Arts)

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