Photo: Sonia Bartuccelli

Natalie Wagner (1979) is currently working as a dancer for the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Theater in Görlitz, Germany. 

She started her dance education at the Swiss National Ballet School (today Tanzakademie Zurich) and continued with her studies mainly in the USA and Israel. In 2015 she received a 6-months sabbatical, sponsored by the Culture Departement of Zurich. 
She has worked on a freelance base for different choreographers such as Zaccho Dance Theater (USA), Lior Lev (Israel, Germany), Charlotta Öfverholm (Sweden), Manu Accard (France/ CH), Katja Grässli (NL) and Jérôme Bel (FR) to name some. She was also a guest dancer at the Theatre Giessen in Germany (Director Tarek Assam) and at the House of Opera (Choreographers Phillip Egli & Kinsun Chan) in Switzerland. 
In 2006 she founded her own company naway company where she created short pieces such as «It is, what it is!» (2014), «Dark Passenger» (2013) and full length pieces «Neighbor’s Garden» (2015), «Comme un cocon» (2010), «Diarios» (2008), «da_gegen_über» (2007) and «Ausbruch» (2006).

She's been hired as a choreographer for the Theater of City in Biel/Solothurn for the Operette «The marry widow», Musicals «Chicago» and «Flash dance» for the Theater in Luzern/Kriens in Switzerland and collaborating with the Agency Dancing Bear Production in Cologne for commercial Events such as for Porsche, Hugo Boss, Thiessen Krupp, Siemens etc.. She was also guest choreographing two solos for the Dance Academy in Zurich that took place at Prix de Lausanne and Youth America Grand Prix (1st place in Talinn).

Since 2001 she has been teaching in professional dance schools like TaZ at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Academy of Contemporary and Urban Dance and gives international summer workshops in places such as Dublin (Ireland), Madrid, Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Warsaw, Torun (Poland), Rimini (Italy), Bogota (Colombia), Munich, Berlin and Konstanz (Germany). 2011 she completed the Masters of Advanced Studies in dance pedagogy at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.



Natalie Wagner 2018