Natalie’s choreographical works filters society and human vulnerability, exploring unwritten rules and finding the fine line between tragedy and humor. From 2006 - 2015 she created with her company, naway company, short and full-length pieces in collaboration with dancers and musicians. 

She was also guest choreographing for the Stadttheater Biel / Solothurn (CH), Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz (DE), Le Théâtre Kriens in Lucerne (CH) and different freelance based projects. (they are shown below)

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Diapason (2019)

Composer: Nadir Vassena
Performer: Michael Inhow, Robert Diaz, Larbi Namouchi


I WISH (2018)

Solo Dance Festival Ankara (2018)

Sponsores: Embassy of Switzerland in Turkey, Lufthansa




naway compay

Neighbor's garden (2015)

The grass is always greener at the other side

What Natalie Wagner and her company succeeds wonderfully, is the characterization of three stage characters.
— Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Idea/Concept/Choreography: Natalie Wagner In collab with the dancers: Irene Andreetto, Jenna Hendry, Emma Skyllbäck œil extérieure: Katja Grässli Light: Markus Brunn Costume: Lisa Überbacher Stage: Massimo Nardiello



Naway company

It is, what it is! (2014)

As a dancer Natalie Wagner shows a wonderful and delicious talent for comedy and wraps the audience skillfully around the finger
— Neue Zürcher Zeitung
With her own choreographed, selfe-reflective graceful ‘It is, what it is!’ she lands an other hit.
— Kulturkritik


Idea/Concept/Choreography/Dance: Natalie Wagner Light: Markus Brunn Text: Saif Ali Photos: Helen Ree

Ein Spiel hinter dem Spiel. Faszinierend und zerstörerisch zugleich.
— OltnerTagblatt

Idee/Konzept/Choreografie: Natalie Wagner
Tanz: Angela Wehrli, Ivana Ivanovic, Klaudia Snios, Deborah Saputo
Licht: Markus Brunn
Fotos: Helen Ree

Naway company

Kurzstück Work-in-progress 'Nachbars Garten' (2014)

Dancers: Klaudia Snios, Anja Galligher, Oriana Berger, Pauline Reineri Composer: Ruppert Lally


naway compan

comme un cocon (2010)

Idea/Conzept: Sarah Keusch
Choreography & Dance: Sarah Keusch, Natalie Wagner, Ally Hauser, Kizzy Garcia

naway compan

Diarios (2008)

Idea/ Choreography: Natalie Wagner  Dancers: Sandro Minasi, Giovanna De Caro, Sarah Keusch, Max X.

naway company

da_gegen_über (2007)

Idea: Natalie Wagner & Barblina Meierhans Dancers: Nina Hauser, Sarah Keusch, Lavdrim Dzemaili, Veronique Porta, Giovanna De Caro, Nadine Rollin Musicians: Tom, Barblina, X

naway company

Ausbruch (2006)

Idea: Natalie Wagner Choreographers: Natalie Wagner, Adam Parson, Nina Stadler, Malaya



Hired as a Choreographer:



The last five years (2018)

Musical, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater, Görlitz

Regie: Beatrice Müller Choreografie/ Coaching: Natalie Wagner

Genesis - Human Nature(2016)

Dance-Theater & live music

watch TRAILER here

Idea/ Producer: Carol Weber Choreography: Natalie Wagner Photos: Helen Ree


Le ThéatRe Kriens

Musical:  Flashdance (2013)

Producer: Isabelle Flachsmann Choreography: Natalie Wagner



Le Théatre Kriens

Musical:  Chicago (2012)

Producer: Marina Macura  Choreografie: Natalie Wagner



Collabs & Experimental Projects


KörperArchiv (2012-2013)

5 Choreographers - 1 dancer

I chose 5 international Choreographers to work independently from each other with me within 5 days. I proposed absolutely freedom in theire subject and creation, only that it had to be with my body, my abilities as a tool to work with. I was wondering, what the outcome would be, when comparing the works with each other. Would a specific element appear that would stick out in each solo? And if yes, would that be the unchangeable element in me, as a performer, as a person? Each collaboration was presented on day 5 as a informal showing.
My conclusion of comparing all the works with each other, I expressed in my own solo 'It is, what it is!'

Choreographers: Charlotta Öfverholm (Sweden)Lior Leve (Israel), Jason Jakobs (DE/USA), Katja Grässli (NL/CH), Elijah Gibson (USA)


Tunded (2013)

Live photo- and dance performance - Helen Ree & Natalie Wagner


ZürichTanzt! Festival 'TanzTram' (2013)

Idea/ Concept: Natalie Wagner, Daniel Borak Composer: Kilian Deissler & ca 20 dancers from zurich


Improvisation mit Live-Audio-Processing

Bass, Electronics, Projection: Marc Jenny Drums: Emanuel Künzi Dance: Natalie Wagner
Theaterpavillon Luzern



Music-Dance-Video Experimental Project

Hexenkessel: Vocal: Rahel Kraft  Drums: Valeria Zangger  Tanz: Natalie Wagner  Video und Schnitt: Manuel Weber


Winterthurer Filmfestival



Natalie Wagner 2018