17./18.11. Workshop in Network Danza Puglia, Italy

11.09. Prof. Class TENZA Schmiede Dresden
25.09. Prof. Class TENZA Schmiede Dresden
27.09. Prof. Class TENZA Schmiede Dresden


Past Events

Solo contemporary dance festival

29th/30th of June/ 1st of July 2018
Performing the new solo "I wish" at the Festival in Ankara Turkey, sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland
Photos: Sadik Erol


bittersweet (2018)

Video project - click here

Residency 'Cataract' Aug 2018

Choreographer Katja Grässli in collab with the Dancers Bchin Lau & Natalie Wagner Photographer Claudia den Boer Philosopher Marc Colpaert

Natalie Wagner 2018