Natalie Wagner


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Class describtion:

Natalie designs her lessons according to her intuition and adapts the training to the time of day and level of the dancers. Through her years of experiences, she pulls the desired out of her pedagogical "toolbox" - whether improvisation structures or given movement material from the contemporary field - and enables the dancers to develop their skills in a theme-related way and to get the best out of it. "The body is a complex being with its own expression. I would like to get closer to this and try to build a bridge between mental and physical levels. Improvisation, instant composition and choreographic work are key words. But the most important thing is and remains: the joy of dancing”

Natalie’s teaching for me does not only take place on a physical level, but moves the body, mind, and soul in one. Everything expands, and it is as if I had massaged my body once, expanded my consciousness for my movement and at the same time strengthening it. All this in a very personal, loving and appreciative atmosphere. Training at the highest level. Thank you, beautiful soul”.
— Maria Holtschneider, Berlin
Her classes are inspiration pure! What she is passing on on technic, pedagogical knowledge, artistically understanding and consciousness about the whole body is unique and precious for every dancer-heart.
— Patrizia Bieri
No matter where I was before, her class brings me back to myself. With a lot of energy, depth and devotion she teaches us that dancing is so much more than words could ever say.
— Lara Taschler

Workshops & Masterclasses:


Höheren Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Tanz
TaZ Tanzakademie, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Tanzbüro Basel, Profitraining
Réso Danse Station, Neuchâtel

Motion’s Studio Berlin 
Performing Arts Studios, München
Czerner Dance Academy, Konstanz
Luca-Projekte Stuttgart

World Dance Cup Madrid, Masterclasses
Marta Bustamante Studio, Barcelona

Network Internazionale Danza Puglia
Dance Department Rimini
Dance Studio Catania, Sicilia
Irish Dance Academy, Dublin

Int. Summer Workshops Lisboa

Egurrola Dance Studio, Warschau
Jagielski Project, Torun

Rochester University Bogota

Nancys Ch. Studio, Boston

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