Support for my art

On the following platform, you can support my artistic work and get insights into works that hasn't been published yet.
I feel that my choreographic work is my calling and I want to continue without being Pending on Cultural authorities.
I'm thankful for any donation!

Rehearsals at Tanzfabrik Berlin

Many for less

If I get enough supporters, which give me for example only 2 - 5 euros a month, this allows me to be independent of the cultural authorities and their point of view about what is art and what not.

 Photo: Helen Ree  / Sukulentensammlung Zürich

Photo: Helen Ree  / Sukulentensammlung Zürich


Similar to Crowdfunding, but it is not project related, but supports me monthly.

Photo: Daniel Leu / San Francisco

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Natalie Wagner 2018